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Wanted to reach out to see if anyone here has experience with Wolverine Water in Michigan. I'm in the process of looking for an RO system to plump machine and appliances to and they have been the most responsive. They have an RO + alkaline system they recommended and I'm working on getting more specs specifically on the alkaline (and seems like minor mineralization) filter. Specs on the website are not great though it looks like they manufacture most of their equipment.

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I have no experience with Wolverine, but applaud your idea of buying local. The 10" generic housings look good to me, and I suspect the filter cartridges are standard and widely available. When it comes to the remin unit be sure they know this is for an espresso machine and that you neither need nor want a cartridge that produces a very high pH. (Some so-called 'alkaline' filters are designed to appeal to folks that want very high pH.) You are fine with a pH between 7 and 8, and an alkalinity between 25 and 100 (mg/L CaCO3 equivalent) or so after the finishing/remin filter. A simple calcite filter or perhaps calcite with a small amount of Corosex (magnesium oxide beads) is best. It won't over-correct with high pH and mineral after an overnight of still water in the remin filter.
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ProfessorSnape (original poster)

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Thanks for responding Pat. The pH does not concern me too much from the alkaline filter (I tested some bottled water they brought from the product and it was ~8 or slightly lower). My main concern is remineralization but their sales rep is talking to others more closely with development to see what's available. I did discuss that this will be used in an espresso machine and they seem unconcerned. Apparently one coffee shop in a nearby town has used this system, and the rep uses it at home with his silvia. I would just be a bit more at ease if remineralization options were more clear but I've requested this information.

ProfessorSnape (original poster)

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Ok, I figured a few more things out. The alkaline filter is an everest alkaline filter from zaria water. Worst case I can probably just work with them and swap it out for something else. I've contacted zaria to get some specs as well.