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Do you know how shops get their mineral content back up after their filtration process?

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Shops with RO filtration use two methods. One is a blending valve that mixes back some unfiltered (except for charcoal) water. This works nicely when the water has good hardness and alkalinity but not very high undesirables like chloride, silica, or sulfate. The other is to use a remineralization cartridge, typically a bed of calcite, often in the form of food grade crushed marble. Remin cartridges often include a small amount of magnesium oxide beads like Corosex™ to get a little extra hardness and pH adjustment. They typically don't add much mineral.

At one time shops might use an 'A B formulator' system from Cirqua / GCWater that blended two concentrated mineral solutions (hardness and alkalinity) back into the water, but as far as I know those are no longer on the market.

As far as I'm aware, shops that have naturally soft water (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Atlanta, Oslo, Melbourne) don't try to boost their mineral content. FWIW, reportedly* David Schomer (Vivace in Seattle) tried boosting his mineral with a Cirqua AB formulator, believing it improved taste, but found it too much of a hassle.

* per an old blog posting no longer online except via wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20171016003 ... tion/news/
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this I very helpful. Thank you!

so basically since I live in the city of Atlanta, I should just use a carbon filter to get the undesirables out of the water and call it a day.

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RJB83 wrote: If you find a workable solution, let me know. I'm leaning towards just getting the whole home carbon filter to remove the nasty stuff in water and leave everything else.
Hi! So I believe this is also what I'm doing. I am going to get an ispring 3 stage from Amazon with the 5 micron sediment and 2 activated carbons. Ispring headquarters is in Atlanta so they're pretty helpful in knowing what filters work well too!


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Who is going to do the install?


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I reached out to ispring and they recommended this product for an coffee set up: https://www.123filter.com/ac/direct-con ... -ports_803