Water softener thing in my Profitec Pro 600 water reservoir

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I am about to switch my water from using spring water to distilled water mixed with Third Wave Water mineral supplement. In the corner of my water reservoir, there is a hard, white chunk of something that looks like a water softener - it came with the machine. It seems to leave a sediment in the bottom of the reservoir. When switching to distilled water + Third Wave, should I remove this item? As well, would it be a good idea to drain the boilers completely prior to the change in water? Is there anything else I should be doing?

Thanks in advance.


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Did you buy it used? I ask because the ECM/Profitec machines with which I'm familiar don't come with water softener devices. In any case, what you're describing does not sound like a water softener. I've seen two types of water softeners. One is a cartridge that is on the end of the pickup tube in the reservoir, the other is a pouch. Both are filled with little beads and need to be regenerated from time to time using a saline bath followed by a rinse. Perhaps there are other types. I'd get it out of the machine. You should not have to drain. I'd just flush a bit of the new water through.

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Hi Damian, that sounds like a water level float. You'd have to leave it there because if it's not in the high position the boiler won't refill.


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Draining the steam boiler is a very good idea.
There is no other way to remove excess minerals from it.
Take a photo of your water tank.

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If you aren't talking about the water level float in the square channel in the corner of the reservoir, and if it's a whitish rectangular pad sitting at the bottom of the reservoir, then my guess is that someone put a BWT bestsave pad in your machine. These are supposed to be replaced periodically (6 months max, or more frequently depending on your carbonate hardness and water use rate). They are made of a fleece cover and contain granulated charcoal and a WAC ion exchange resin that should reduce limescale until the resin is depleted. If that's it, for sure just get rid of it -- if using TWW with pure water you don't want it.

dlaflamme wrote:It seems to leave a sediment in the bottom of the reservoir.
That doesn't sound good, not sure what that might be. Be sure to clean your reservoir. After you get it filled with new clean water go ahead and flush the brew boiler by running water out of the group, and flush the steam boiler by bringing the machine up to full pressure, switching the machine off, then draining what you can out the hot water tap. It also may be good to get a new inline mesh particle filter that goes on the hose between the reservoir and the pump. (Part # C439900695 ).
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OP add a pic as we're all shooting in the dark without one.


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I have a Pro 600. I believe the little white block you are talking about is the water level sensor, which goes up and down in a little channel in the corner. It floats at the level of the water when it gets below the top of the channel and as it drops, it signals low water. If you remove it, the machine will not function.