Water, Silvia and mineral removal

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#1: Post by techmaster »

I have a Miss Silvia. I also have a water purification system (from Crystal Quest) and my final filter adds minerals back into my super filtered water. After reading many posts here, I'm wondering if that is a good idea to use said water in my Siliva, and hence, I'm asking:
Is there a filter that I can put in my Silvia, specifically for removing the minerals (as I don't need to filter again)?

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#2: Post by homeburrero »

Hard to say for sure without more details, but most likely you are fine. If you have a RO system and a remineralizer like this: https://crystalquest.com/collections/wa ... -cartridge , then it adds very little mineral to your water, and you end up with low enough hardness to be of no concern. Most people worry that their remineralizer does not add enough.
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