Water in North Stamford, CT

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Hi all

Moving to CT, and was curious how safe this water is for my Bianca. Currently using water recipes, alternating between rpavlis and tww-inspired

House is on a well, and the house has a 2-stage sediment filter, but nothing more. Sample was taken at the faucet IIRC.

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I'd say stick with your water recipes.

The worst thing about this water is that it has 127 mg/L chloride. Chloride is corrosive and not easily filtered unless you resort to reverse osmosis (RO) systems. La Marzocco and others advise going to RO when water has over 30 mg/L chloride. Synesso is more conservative an advises RO when chloride is higher than 15 mg/L. Your 127 mg/L level is unusually high.

The water also has high calcium hardness and would likely be very scale prone unless softened. (84 mg/L calcium is equivalent to 210 mg/L calcium hardness as CaCO3.)

This report is missing numbers for bicarbonate and for alkalinity, so you can't do a proper limescale risk estimation. But at that level of calcium hardness you can pretty much assume that it's very scale prone.
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