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Hi! I just got myself a https://www.amazon.com/Everpure-EV9328- ... B005CNX94O and I am getting water ppm of 198. My local water is 412ppm. Is this ok already? If it's not, any idea what I should do to lower or increase the ppm? I am gonna use the water for espresso and pourover. I used this to check https://www.amazon.com/iSpring-3-Button ... 00IDBZ1A2/ . Not sure how accurate this is but if needed I can always have my health department check my water for a fee of course but I am trying to avoid that as it costs around 400usd.

The coffee shop across me has the same water filtration and according to the owner they seem to have 0 problems so far 3 years into the business and everpure themselves(local partner) said the water is ok already. They drew water samples from the shop across me and also got water from my cafe before it was built. The reason why I am asking is because from what i've read ppm should be 75-150 so I am not sure how accurate that is or if its ok to use 200ppm water.

The water I am using for my gs3 has been bottled water recommended by the local la marzocco distributor and upon checking ppm is 90.

Any tips or suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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That's a high capacity (like 150+ gallons per day) filter for chlorine, taste, and odor with a scale inhibitor. It may reduce your ppm reading, especially when new, but that's not its purpose nor is a conductivity 'tds' meter a valid way of evaluating it.

Without knowing what's in your water its impossible to tell whether it's a good choice. If the Everpure people have evaluated your tap water and recommended that system then it's probably be fine irrespective of your TDS meter's readings. (TDS reading of 75 - 150 ppm is a very oversimplified recommendation. Water in that range may be terribly corrosive, or scale prone, or foul tasting. And water outside of that range may be excellent. You really need to know a lot more than TDS.)
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Only reason why I am doubting them is that another coffee shop in my country claimed that they were just trying to upsell him stuff. Initial recommendation was an RO system but he had to change filters every 2-3 months and now they are trying to sell him another system. Water in their area is really really hard.