Using bottled water with a Slayer

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#1: Post by Moots »

I have just returned to Australia after a stint overseas and will get my beloved, single group Slayer out of storage next month. I'm moving into a rental house so don't want to drill holes in the kitchen cabinets to plumb it in.

Does anyone have experience using 15 litre bottle water, pumps and pressure restricters with this size machine. Slayer spec is input pressure between 3 bar and 5 bar. I'm also assuming that I don't need my RO setup with bottled water, although the bladder tank might help smooth out pump cycling.

Any thoughts (or links to previous posts) on pump kit and configuration would be much appreciated.


#2: Post by K9drivr »

You may want to check out Espresso Cart - Goodbye Plumbed In.


#3: Post by UrKurt »

The setup in the above post is similar to what I run with my Slayer, and it works well.

The 60-psi aquatec pump's pressurestat will cycle between 3-4 bar from the factory (it can be adjusted somewhat), so set your regulator at 3-bar to keep the pressure to the machine consistent.

I would add one thing to it. The Slayer's brew boiler is open to line pressure, and the machine doesn't have a check valve internally. When the brew boiler is heating up you'll see line pressure rise at the regulator, so avoid confusing measurements on the regulator's gauge (or destroying the gauge if it can't handle that pressure), you should install a check valve between the two.