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Hi there,

I've been using Barista Hustle's water recipe in which you make 2 solutions: 1 bumps up the alkalinity (baking soda) and the other adds minerals for hardness (epsom salt). After putting in the allotted amount of each to make the two separate solutions, I shake thoroughly and then right after add the designated amount of solution to the apportioned distilled water to make the brew water.

I'm new to making my own water and don't have a hardness/alkalinity testing kit, so I can't test the effectiveness of just shaking for a minute or so to making the solutions. Has anyone else tried this method and can advise on proper protocol to dissolving the baking soda and epsom salts to make the solution?



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Those BH concentrates (10 millimolar MgSO4, and 20 millimolar NaHCO3) are a tiny fraction of a saturated solution and should easily dissolve fully. If the Epsom salt is really coarse it may take a minute or two of shaking to fully dissolve in the concentrate bottle. Use clear bottles and make sure the solution is clear with no visible sediment and you should be good. If you also give the concentrate bottle a shake before pouring the measured amount into the final mix that will help assure you're getting what you want into the final mix.
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Just the kind of answer I needed. Thanks!