Third wave water not fully diluting.

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I have been using TWW on and off for a few years. During that whole time I never really paid much attention after shaking the bottle. I noticed recently that even after shaking the bottle for 1min there are a bunch of tiny flakes floating in the 1gal bottle. Even waiting 24hrs I can still see many tiny particles floating inside. Yes, I am using distilled water and I have tried several brands and it makes no difference. No, the floating particles are not there before I put the TWW in. Is this normal?


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A while back I ran into some packets where the minerals had clumped together and did not dissolve well in the water. I fixed it by heating up about a 1/3 of the water in a saucepan and adding it back into the jug. To prevent this, you can roll the packet between your fingers before opening to break up any clumps. You could also add some of the distilled water into a pan and heat it up, add the minerals to that to dissolve, then add it into the jug. I've found just breaking up the clumps before adding the minerals to the water have fixed the issue for me.

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Same problem I have. Very annoying.