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Hi all. I recently got a Third Wave Water TDS meter, and was wondering what you think of these ratings:

Tap water: 197
Cartridge filtered: 114
Third Wave out of steam boiler: 443

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That TWW TDS meter is, like most popular inexpensive conductivity TDS meters, calibrated for NaCL, a calibration factor of 0.5 (ppm per μS/cm). On a properly mixed TWW water at 25℃, you expect to read around 150 ppm.

One reason it may be so much higher out of the steam boiler is that you are removing pure water out of the boiler when you steam, leaving more concentrated water behind. That can be managed by periodically draining and flushing the steam boiler. When you clean your reservoir you might try draining most of the water from your steam boiler, then add pure distilled to the reservoir and let it fill, then go back to adding your usual TWW to the reservoir. With non-scaling water (like TWW) you can also regularly flush through the hot water tap to help manage the mineral-concentrating effect. (See Using hot water tap to manage steam boiler water concentration )
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#3: Post by Bluenoser »

Yes.. I found the same.. I use TWW in 5 gal jugs. I mix with RO water that measures about 5. With a cheap TDS meter, it reads a bout 160. But from the steam boiler I'm getting about 380 because I can only empty about 1L of a 2L boiler when doing the monthly purge. So your steam boiler will get more concentrated. Before flushing, I had not purged in 3 months and the steam boiler was about 900.