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That looks much better, especially if you are buying plain RO rather than de-ionized. (My WF store sells de-ionized and RO at the same price, but not sure that's the case at all their stores. My store's de-ionized comes out showing less than a couple PPM. )
ZebcoKid wrote:Simply use the vending machine water with no addition of Potassium Bicarbonate?
You are much better off with the added potassium bicarbonate, mostly because it brings the alkalinity up. You could use less - 2 capsules per 5 gallons would give you 84 mg/L potassium bicarbonate, which is a healthy 42 mg/L alkalinity as CaCO3.
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Great. When I extinguish the current carboy, I will add two capsules to the replacement, take some measurements, and report back. This shouldn't take too long, as I have become quite the espresso consumer.

Thank you, Pat. Very nice of you to share your wisdom.