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Thanks for reporting back on that. Looks like they are recommending RO (no surprise there). And good that they aren't discouraging the affordable systems like iSpring, APEC, and Express Water that you can get in the big box stores. Interesting to me that they don't seem to like the iSpring remin cartridge which contains a mix of calcite and corosex.* (Corosex is a magnesium oxide product that can add more mineral than you get from a plain calcite cartridge, but may add more mineral than you expect especially after a period where water is sitting overnight in a cartridge.) That Omnipure K2548-JJ they recommend is a simple calcite cartridge. Probably not much mineral but very predictable and consistent.

achosid wrote:My machine is next to my refrigerator, so I can easily tap into the waterline in the basement before it goes up to the fridge: should I expect any issues if I put the RO setup in the basement to save space in the kitchen, and then run the line from it up through the floor to the machine?
That should work fine.

* [edit addittion] I forgot that the iSpring FA15 remin also contains some 'natural mineral balls'. These would add tiny traces of minerals that may appeal to water faddists. Not needed at all for coffee brewing water but I think harmless.
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Thanks so much for all the help! I agree, I was pleased with La Marzocco's reasonable response.

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I've bought a Micra and will receive it in March. I'm in West STL county. La Marzocco suggested I reach out to a technician in the area. The technician suggested Pentair EsO6/7 to direct plumb. It appears it isn't that simple for the longevity of the machine?

I've just started messing around with water. Been using charcoal filtered tap water from the fridge and again through a Breville filter and haven't had any scale issues. I've tried third wave water with distilled and it's fine.. haven't run the math on annual filter vs. distilled water being remineralized. Want it plumbed in for pre-infusion.