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I followed the various links to read about water. Tons of info but I notice not one person mentioned using spring water (bottled). I mention this because Seattle Coffee Gear, where I got my machine, recommended that and using the filter that comes with the machine just to be extra safe. The advantage to spring water, because I mentioned hating the idea of continually buying plastic jugs, is I can go to one of those vending machine water dispensers and simply refill my existing containers.

Thoughts on spring water?

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Some is "good" some is terrible (for the machine).

Even within the same supplier, such as Crystal Geyser, which specific source they use can make a big difference. Even where I am, I have to check the Crystal Geyser bottles to see which source it is, even on the same shelf.

I'm lucky in that my tap water is "non-scaling" and low in chloride (different than chlorine) and that I have an under-sink filtration system that removes the chloramine. However, a few months of the year, the source is different. For those months, I have some gallon, glass jugs and can either buy RO deminieralized water at a local grocery store at $0.50 per gallon, or use a ZeroWater pitcher, then add a tiny bit of minerals with a recipe like "RPavlis" or the like.

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Lots of people here on HB do use bottled water -- about 7% of them according to a recent poll.

Volvic is available nearly worldwide and comes from one source, and has been popular for years.

You must be careful about spring water and mineral water - some of them have unacceptably high mineral content.

Crystal Geyser is also frequently recommended, but it comes from seven very different sources so you have to be careful that your bottle comes from the right source.

Some discussion here: Best bottled water for espresso machine , and plenty more if you search the water forum.
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dcoplan (original poster)

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Followup reply, and I'm just asking your personal opinion: what are your thoughts on buying, or refilling, bottled water vs diluting tap water with distilled?

There's so much water conversation out there it's making my head spin. All that's really important to me, provided the coffee tastes good, is that I'm not buying tons of plastic containers and I'm not risking damage to my machine. Other than that, I'm fine not digging too deep into the *perfect* water source whether that be purchasing or making my own.

Looking for that balance between easy (just wanna make my coffee and not worry about too many details) and responsible (good taste / don't ruin the hardware).