Sanity check my water setup

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Long story short, we've decided on getting the BWT Bestmax Premium from WLL which will be the filtered source for my Alex Leva; which btw is taking a month to get to espressocoffeeshop (July/E) and then who know how long it'll take before it gets to me.

In any case... need a sanity check my water setup. Please let me know if anything is wrong.

In the photo below: i'm wondering where i should put the shut off valve at (#1 or #2)
Also, for the 3/8 BSP to 3/8 push in, I've listed 2 different part. One is from BWT, but WLL forgot to include in my order, so if they can't add it in, then will buy the DMfit part from along with the other parts listed. My guess is the DM part will fit as the inlet is also 3/8 BSP and outlet is 3/8 Push in.


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In my experience if you use a compression connector on a plastic tube there should be a small piece that slides inside the tube to support it. Other than that it looks perfectly reasonable.



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hi ira.. yup, WLL told me i can get the compression fitting and the teflon sleeve at home depot. :)
guess i'll order the rest of the parts needed. then a hole saw to drill through the granite countertop.

for the shutoff valve, would it be better at location 1 or 2? or it wouldn't matter?

as for the drain hose from the drip tray section, how do you guys connect it under the sink?
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Personally, I put a shut-off valve as close to the upstream feed as I can. #1 would be my preference, as would a 1/4-turn BrassCraft valve to isolate the filter. Nice to be able to change out the filters and still have running water in the sink. I'm OK with shutting off both the espresso machine and the drinking water tap together, since neither are an "essential" the way a sink or toilet would be in the middle of something else.


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Thanks Jeff. Actually I have the 1/4 turn already. It's just the current plastic connector on there that's from Watts Premier has a 1/4 push in, but the BWT will have a stainless 3/8. So hopefully the brasscraft in my diagram is the right one to get.

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