Salt-less Water Softener?

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I saw a couple of threads where about this about a decade ago - wondering if there are any new recommendations?

As mentioned in a prior thread, I have about 10 grain hardness well water and looking for a whole house solution.

Was considering a conventional salt softening system, but would need to figure out how to plumb in the drain (water inlet is in basement where there are no drains)

Saw these: Pelican Water 15 GPM Whole House NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative System

I believe it is a TAC system, benefits include no salt, no need to drain and no electricity needed ... rfaces#NS6

We like the taste of our water, but have scale build up on everything, including a hot water kettle that we've only had for about a month.

Going to be looking for a new espresso machine soon and don't want to introduce this scale

Anyone have experience with these?

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I've no experience with that softener. But I do have a suggestion for something that might be a much less expensive compromise. If you don't want salt (sodium chloride), most ion exchanging softeners will run on potassium chloride. While technically a salt, it is much more environmentally friendly. Some municipalities here want us to use it instead of sodium chloride. As for draining, the flush water is under pressure, and the drain hose a small diameter in most conventional softeners. So, you can route this uphill to any convenient drain pipe.

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I didn't know about TAC systems before this post. It appears that they are a scale-reduction system, rather than a water softener, per se.

I can't comment on that specific system or its applicability to espresso machines, but I did find some comparative material on it and other systems that wasn't just marketing fluff at ... teners.pdf


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wow the TAC in the report you linked above seems to be pretty effective - anyone have any personal experience? especially when it comes to espresso machines?

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I have no personal experience with them, having had no need with the "city" water we were on.

That they drop scale at all would have me looking at a source of non-scaling water for your espresso machine. It does seem like an alternative to help protect a hot-water heater, dishwasher, pots, kettles and the like. For espresso machines, I try to avoid ever descaling one of mine again.