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Well...I am relatively new to espresso and I am very appreciative for the info on water that I have learned on this forum. I am now using RPavlis water to make lattes and we don't discern any negative taste differences. I have a few questions about RPavlis water.

1. Would it be advisable to use RPavlis water in a Technivorm Moccamaster for drip coffee?
2. It is advised to occasionally drain water from the steam boiler on a DB to get rid of impurities. Would that mean that if the steam boiler water was used to make an Americano the taste could be inferior?
3. For those of you that exclusively use RPavlis water... do you ever descale your machine? If so, how often? Thank you!


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  1. RPavlis water has 2 main benefits: buffering to mute high levels of acidity, and it should not scale. Scale isn't much of a concern in a drip machine, so I would try the RPavlis water, try tap water, and use whichever tastes best.
  2. If you are making Americano frequently it is probably fine. If not, you might get better results from a tea kettle or other source of hot water.
  3. You should never need to descale using RPavlis water. You might consider initially filling steam boiler with distilled water and only a dash of the bicarb rather than the full recipe, and only using proper RPavlis water for brew water. Either way as you mentioned above you want to occasionally purge some water from the steam boiler. But its not harmful to use RPavlis water in your steam boiler.

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Thank you Nate!

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On the question of boiler water, no matter the water, I'd draw some into a cup and let it cool. If it tastes "off" compared to doing the same with a kettle and tap or other water of your choice, then you've got an answer. How off and level of convenience then can guide your decision

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Thank you Jeff!