RPavlis water pulls too bright!?

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I've tried RPavlis water, .1g/1L, in my Semiautomatica and it always pulled too bright for my tastes. Even a darker roast was too bright compared to the normal filter water that I used. Now with a new house and well water plus a new Londinium R24 on the way, I need help.

I made a batch of RPavlis water last night and used it for a finely ground AeroPress, 206*F this morning and it turned my daily blend into an brightness bomb.

Attached is the water test that I had done when we moved in (April 2021), thoughts on how I should be treating my water or perhaps RPavlis at .5g potassium bicarbonate/1 Liter Distilled?



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Your water report has significant total alkalinity, which will buffer the acids in coffee. If you are used to this, rpavlis water will seem bright by comparison.

Your water also has essentially no calcium hardness. So if you like the results, just use it as is. It's not going to scale. You also might try mixing it 50/50 with RO water and see if you find that improves the taste.
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harris (original poster)
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Genius! I will give a 50/50 blend a go, I had not considered that as an option.

Thanks Nate42