RPavlis Water and Filter Coffee

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#1: Post by Surrata »

With my espresso machine on the way, I decided to make some RPavlis water. I wanted to try it for filter (Tricolate) and found the resulting brew to be a little flat. Does RPavlis water work well for filter, or is it more suitable for espresso only? Could this be a roast degree issue?

I tried searching and found two threads, one of which said RPavlis water doesn't mix well with lighter roasts for filter coffees. I'd describe the beans I was using as more medium.


#2: Post by RyanJE »

What specific recipe did you make? I've been using the 50ppm for a while now and it seems to work just as well as other more involved concoctions I've tried.... Quite the rabbit hole actually.....
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Surrata (original poster)

#3: Post by Surrata (original poster) »

Good question! I added .38g per gallon. My TDS meter is reading 51ppm.

Edit: using Potassium Bicarbonate.


#4: Post by tennisman03110 »

Adding .38g of what? Baking soda?

I find that RPavlis water isn't quite as good in pour over. Use good drinking water, it makes better coffee. As you say, not as flat.

Either way, RPavlis water is pretty unnecessary. The whole purpose is to reduce scaling long term.

Surrata (original poster)

#5: Post by Surrata (original poster) »

.38g of Potassium Bicarbonate. I guess I'll go back to making Rao/Perger water for filter.

Is there any particular reason why RPavlis water works well with espresso and less so with filter?

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#6: Post by Brewzologist »

FYI; I have been using Dan Eil's recipe for filter brewing. See here: https://coffeeadastra.com/2018/12/16/wa ... xtraction/

That said, we have pretty good water here so it's not a clear slam-dunk on how much better it is for my light-roast V60's.


#7: Post by F1 » replying to Brewzologist »

Are all those recipes targeted for brew coffee? Are there some that are targeted for espresso?

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#8: Post by homeburrero »

F1 wrote:Are all those recipes targeted for brew coffee? Are there some that are targeted for espresso?
Yes - they are intended for filter coffee. Of these, I think if you avoid the ones that contain chloride salts, the Melbourne recipe (too low bicarbonate), and the last three recipes (too much mag sulfate) you might be OK for trying in an espresso machine.
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