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Thanks for the advice. Id like to plumb my machine in so im looking for something to release the salts autoatically into the water. BTW the ph is 6.0


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For that something like an in-line BWT Bestmax filter should work.

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Not a Bestmax, but perhaps a Bestmin. :wink:

Online searching for calcite filters will find lots of options, including some that drop in to a generic 10" filter housing. Do you also need to handle off-tastes and odors? particulates? Then you may want a filter that also has activated charcoal and particulates filtration. If you want solid assurance that your pH will end up above 7.0, then you might consider filters that have a combination of calcite + Corosex. (Corosex is a brand of magnesium oxide beads that are much more effective than calcite at pH correction.) Calcite/Corosex is often advised where the water has a pH below 6.0, but the downside is that it's more prone to overcorrecting the water that first comes out of a filter after an idle period.

The Bestmin is a combination filter that has GAC and a particulates filter plus a proprietary remineralizing media that evidently contains some magnesium oxide. Some discussion of it can be found here: BWT Bestmin for remineralization
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That's exactly what LM NZ recommend (bestmin) will get it next time I go to the city