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I have had a bit of an espresso journey since I started with a Lelit Bianca to discovering I am a lever head at heart. This led me to my current machine of a Bosco Sorrento. I setup a flojet and water bottle of treated water as DFW water is unusable for espresso machines. I however hit a snag where my flojet stopped working within a week due to a manufacturing defect and I am looking at getting it replaced for now. I would however simply prefer to get an under the sink RO system and remineralization phase for my Bosco at this point and get rid of the pumps where possible. So to the point:

I would love suggestions of RO systems + remineralization phases and how most have run them at this point. Links and reasons for your preferred system would be great.


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If the DFW water is really high in minerals, you may not need the remineralization stage. Our water is very hard. Running it through our whole-house RO system still presents 25 ppm TDS, which I find acceptable for espresso. I initially installed a bypass valve to mix in a bit of the city water to get to 50 ppm, which I thought would be optimum, but I turned it off.

As for what RO system to buy, I ended up with a generic one from iSpring. All the parts are easy to find and inexpensive. I added a permeate pump (non-electric) for efficiency and to reduce the amount of wastewater. I also added a second accumulator tank, as I also make wine and sometimes need more than the little tank that came with the RO system can supply in one go. Most of the RO systems in our local stores are proprietary, meaning one needs to buy their filters, which are sometimes not available and more costly.


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I have the iSpring RCC7P-AK and had noticeable improvement in drinking water taste and pour over coffee (I do not have an espresso machine). I have not done detailed water analysis of the results, for me the taste improvements are enough.

I installed the unit myself and have done filter changes on it without issue. I will just note that pre washing/flushing the activated carbon filters is an important step that is not reiterated very much in the instructions. The fact that I can call up their team in Georgia to get support is amazing.

If you have the space, I believe their system would allow for you to bypass the mineralization filter and have that flow into another tank. You could consult them on this, but I believe they have valves in their parts catalog that would accommodate bypassing that stage.