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Apologies. I forgot to post the new R/O chloride number. It's now 4.
I spoke with Home Master this morning. They are totally committed to making the water specs where I want them.
To raise the TDS and Hardness, they're sending me (No Charge) an additional remineralizer filter to put in series with the existing one.
If it works without screwing with the pH, I'll leave it in. If not, I have an extra.

I just got an email from Matthew, the senior tech. Here's a snippet
"Upon conferring with our scientists the best option will likely be to install both Artesian filters in series. Additionally and somewhat ironically you might also try partially closing the valve on top of the tank to reduce the flow through the Artesian filter(s) to minimally increase TDS value as well."

Outstanding customer service.

Once I get the filter, I'll post new numbers.


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Any updates, Stan? Curious to hear about the outcome of adding the second remineralizing filter...


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Apologies for being so slow. ThePerefctWater folks sent the filter. It's sitting next to the r/o system. I got caught up in making a single dosing bean tube rack. Now that it's finished, I'll get on to the filter before the end of the week.
With the sheltering in-place, I'm finding lots to do at home, but the filter is very high on the list.