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Water analysis, treatment, and mineral recipes for optimum taste and equipment health.
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Himalayan salt?
Jim Schulman

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Don't ask :D
Refuse to wing it!


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another_jim wrote:Himalayan salt?
It's salt from the Himalaya that's been there for millions of years so it's unpolluted and contains many other essential minerals than just sodium and chloride like artificial table salt which also often contains toxic chemicals to make it pour better.


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another_jim wrote:Himalayan salt?
Sounds like salt + impurities to me. I'd never heard of it either.


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The "impurities" are simply other life essential minerals. Table salt is what contains added toxic chemicals, not to mention refined salt itself is widely known to cause heart disease. Himalayan salt is much less damaging in that regard.

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another_jim wrote:Himalayan salt?
Retrieved at enormous expense from Edmund Hillary's picnic basket.
Los Angeles


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Heh heh heh.