R Pavlis water in a super automatic espresso machine

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If R Pavlis water used in an espresso machine eliminates the need for descaling, would using R Pavlis water in a super automatic espresso machine also eliminate the need for descaling?


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I can't see why not.

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bobkat (original poster)

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Thank you Daniel for your response. Is there anyone out there that thinks R Pavlis water would not work well in an automatic espresso machine???? My thinking is that if you use R Pavlis water in a single, or dual boiler espresso machine without scaling, the same would be true for an automatic.

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I use RPavlis in my machine and I believe that it's significantly better than much of the competition in this space. That said, it tastes terrible in an Americano. So if the super automatic is being used to make Americanos, or to serve as a hot water kettle for tea, etc, RPavlis would NOT be my first choice.


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This is an interesting point. Somehow, rpavlis is great with highly concentrated coffee (espresso), but not for low concentrated coffee (brew, americano).

I converted to rpavlis since it is by far the easiest way to go if you need to make water. I was quite shocked at how good the espresso is from it.

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bobkat (original poster)

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Thank you Auctor and Rick for your responses. Auctor......has the R Pavlis water kept your Synchronika clean internally?

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Short answer is, "I've never looked inside to check". That said, here's a link to someone who has used RPavlis and showed pictures of their mushroom two years later.

This is what two years of RPavlis water looks like

Longer answer is that I had many troubles and issues prior to using RPavlis, and none of them following the switch. There are many threads out there that preach the value of the formula, and while it's not the tastiest water, it's certainly safe for the machine and easy to make. Unless you have the space and resources to direct plumb with a proper water filter, I think RPavlis is a top 3 water recipe (others seem to include Sodium, Magnesium, and a small amount of Calcium, which I believe are the key elements to better *tasting* water, though in some cases slightly less safe for the machine).

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Thank you Auctor!