R Pavlis water and need to descale???

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I am using R Pavlis water in my new machine....Synchronika. I use .4 grams of potassium bicarbonate in a gallon of distilled water as the R Pavlis water final formulation. I also drain a few ounces of hot water from the steam boiler to warm the cup daily. What is the advice on ever needing to descale this new machine?


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The whole point of using the water is to never descale... You can still do it if you want to but many people who use clean water never have to descale

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I agree that you have no reason to descale if using the rpavlis recipe of distilled + potassium bicarbonate. Limescale is calcium carbonate, and the recipe contains no calcium. Other scale-like worries might be calcium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, or silica, but there is no calcium, magnesium, sulfate, nor silica in the water so that's not an issue.

If you routinely descale anyway you won't remove any limescale (because there isn't any) but will tend to remove the thin protective oxide layer from brass or copper surfaces, and expose metals to harsh acids that may cause corrosion. Not a good idea in this case.
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Thank you Lucas and Pat!!!