Purge line doubling as filtered water tap

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For about the last 9 or 10 years, I've gotten by with a simple single stage water filter system, consisting of a carbon filter that I bought from Chris' Coffee that fed my first plumbed-in machine, an Izzo Duetto. I've been fortunate that my water quality has always been good, coming from Hetch Hetchy reservoir near Yosemite, the water here tastes great and I see very little scale if any, on any of my devices.

But while doing some servicing to my Speedster and tweaking several things, I went ahead and bit the bullet and upgraded my filtration system to a 3 stage setup, sediment/softening/carbon that feeds my two plumbed in machines (Speedster and Izzo Leva) and decided to utilize my purge line for a simple source of filtered water for my pour-over brewing. Photos aren't super important, but simply, I took a tee line after the filters that I originally set up to run to the sink when I purge the new filters before allowing the water to flow the the machines, and added another terminal John Guest valve at the end and now have a quick way to fill containers of filtered water for coffee brewing.

I ran the 3/8 tubing thru a previously drilled hole in my countertop that used to feed my old Duetto. It's not pretty, but it's convenient and works well. I've toyed around with the idea of installing a pitcher rinser and routing a drain line, but that's for another day. I used to test my water quarterly, but haven't for a while. Time to re-check and see what I have.

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I have similar filter set ups at my coffeebar & kitchen sink. At each location I added a drinking water faucet https://www.freshwatersystems.com/produ ... ter-faucet that's feed by a JG line teed off of the filtered water line. If you have a sink near the filters with an extra hole these work well for flushing the filters & drawing filtered water.

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I did much the same in 2011 and placed a drinking water tap in a spare hole in the kitchen sink as well as plumbing the fridge ice maker.
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