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I'm a fan of Swagelok's high-quality pressure regulators. Sometimes you can find NIB or new-old-stock units for under $100 on eBay. Some come with a an output gauge installed. Some have two gauge ports, one for input pressure and one for output pressure. Here's mine:

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Had the CC regulator and it worked fine...I'll spare you the details but it got left at my last stop over. Followed Dick's lead on the Swagelok; found one on eBay for a relatively good deal a couple years ago. Can't say I can tell the difference; they both work. But there is something very sexy about that green knob and how silky it is to turn 8)
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holy cow!! this makes the CC pressure regulator looks like pennies.. ... SwxcJdwFqd
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Here is another thread that describes the failure of the Holiday House regulator as replaced by a Watts 650.

Water pressure regulator malfunction update
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