Poll: What DIY Water Recipes Do You Use for Espresso? - Page 2

Water analysis, treatment, and mineral recipes for optimum taste and equipment health.

What DIY Water Recipe Do You Use for Espresso?

Bottled water
Purified + bicarbonate (e.g. R Pavlis)
Third Wave Water
Barista Hustle and 70/30 recipe water
Diluted or fortified tap water
Other recipe water
Tap Water
In-tank softened tap water
Other treated tap water
Total votes: 117


#11: Post by jgood »

I checked "bottled water" as I use Crystal Geyser but I cut it with distilled to slightly lower the TDS.


#12: Post by mwynne »

Straight tap water here, but we have pretty soft, "good" water. Almost a year with my Europiccola and no sign of any scale.
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#13: Post by K7 »

No hassle straight ZeroWater. Works great for light roasts.
Not recommended for boiler/pump machines, but one of the perks of being a Robot owner is not having to worry about scaling and corrosion.


#14: Post by Nate42 » replying to K7 »

You like what you like (I know a guy who plumbed his machine with DI water and it actually wasn't that bad) but I'm surprised to hear you are going with straight zero water. Most people prefer some level of buffering to help keep acidity under control. You are correct though that with the robot you at least don't have to worry about corrosion or scale.

If you want no fuss and your tap water isn't terrible, I would consider a brita pitcher or equivalent rather than zerowater. The Brita pitcher will remove chlorine and compounds that can lead to bad taste but will leave mineral content largely intact. Since you are using a robot you don't have to worry if your water is too hard, just so long as the result tastes good.


#15: Post by K7 » replying to Nate42 »

I don't know why but I really don't taste out of control acidity. Not in my plain ZW water and not in my espresso. I get that ph buffer is needed to protect the machines in the long run, but I am not sold on the idea that you need the buffer also for coffee taste. Don't wanna kick off a debate here so I'll just leave it at that.

Water in my area changes seasonally. Most times very hard, occasionally not too bad. I wanted to remove a variable hence the ZW.


#16: Post by Nate42 » replying to K7 »

Hey if it works it works. Sounds like you are going into it with your eyes open. I also have a Robot, but am presently out of zerowater filters so have been temporarily using just brita filtered tap water. Once I have more filters I may try straight zerowater just for fun. If I feel like I learn anything interesting maybe I'll post a thread about it.

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#17: Post by LBIespresso »

Thanks again to homeburrero and all who participated in this poll.

My inspiration for this was that I thought the poll and conversation might get me to explore beyond the R. Pavlis recipe but I think for now I will stick with it. My cremina boiler is spotless and my pour overs, new Ibrik (upcoming post, I promise), and cupping are tasting just fine.

I guess I will just have to find other ways to complicate my life :roll:
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#18: Post by Giampiero »

lukehk wrote:I use aquacode sachets for filter and 15/85% evian/distilled for espresso. So ticked other recipes
Hi, so far how is your experience with aquacode sachets, do you noted any issue with the hydraulic circuit of your machine?
I saw that sachets even in Thailand but i did not get any feedback from any local users.