Peak water filter and BWT softener after a year.

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I figured I'd post the results here after one year of use.

Got the R58 last year in June. I've been using the Peak water filter and have had the BWT/ Rocket water softener pouch in the water tank.

I change the pouch every 6 months and the water filter in the peak every 2 months.

This morning my portafilter didn't feel as hot as usual, so I figured I'd check all the parts to make sure nothing is wrong.

Here are the results.

In my opinion, still like new. Not sure why they used so much lubricant on the mushroom, but I cleaned that up a bit.

Any thoughts from the senior members?

StoicDude (original poster)
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And the portafilter is back to normal when it comes to temperature. Not sure what happened this morning. Was just a fluke I guess.