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New espresso owner here (almost, hopefully machine arrives today)
So, trying to catch up with all the "must know" things and this time is water time.
I did some testing on my tap water and this is what I found:
TDS: 46 ppm
PH: 7.02
GH: 35.8ppm
KH: 17.9ppm
I wonder if those numbers are safe enough to use until the water softening/filter system I ordered from Chris Coffee arrives in about 10 days or should I wait to get it before firing up my new BDB?

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I don't see any need for a softener with this water. All you probably need here is a particulates plus a carbon/charcoal filter.

You don't say which of the CCS filters you ordered. Some of them (Mavea/Vivreau Purity Quell ST) would not be advisable with your low alkalinity water.
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