Most convenient water?

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#1: Post by drtzali »

What's the most convenient way to get/produce water for low volume home use, assuming I'll be adding some electrolytes..Buying a home distiller? Home reverse osmosis system? Ordering distilled water for delivery? I want to have a simple system that will never leave me having to run to the grocery to pick up bottles. (This is for a decent if that matters)

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#2: Post by baldheadracing »

That probably depends on the price of delivered water and your tap water's chemistry.

I realize that you said that you don't want to pick up water, but if there is a good local supermarket, then a lot of people find it not too inconvenient - you have to pickup groceries or have them delivered anyway - and also the least expensive.

Home distillers are not convenient compared to turning on a tap on an undersink RO system. Distillers can also be uneconomical if your utility rates are high.

I used an electric home distiller for years for coffee water but last year I gave up the pain of keeping everything clean and sanitized, and plumbed the machines in.

Good luck!
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#3: Post by Jeff »

A countertop distiller is pretty easy, but check the electrical costs.

I can buy bulk RO/DI at $0.49/gal and have four 1 gal glass bottles I use to ferry it from the local grocery store every couple of weeks.

If your tap is generally "good", a ZeroWater filter is another option. They can be expensive if you have hard water.

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#4: Post by MNate »

My water is very hard. I went from:
-Nothing, to
-2 10" filters under the sink (didn't do well enough) to
-buying distilled from the grocery store (ok but it does get annoying), and now
-RO system. I meant to update an earlier thread I started on it but I really like it. It takes my water from over 300 tds to under 20. I add back in minerals similar to when I used distilled. And I've found other uses for the water as well like for our small humidifiers.

So I think that's easy.

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#5: Post by RapidCoffee »

I've been using RO water (from an under sink system) to make Pavlis water for my DE1 for over two years now. Very convenient, no descaling required, no issues so far.