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Jeff wrote:I bought some one-gallon, glass bottles with good screw closures (the kind with a soft cone inside) and premix a gallon at a time. That's generally enough for more than a week for me. If you figure 100 ml per shot, that's something like 35-40 shots.

What are you using for your mix? Are you starting with distilled or RO and adding to it?

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Either RO/DI from the local grocery store's dispenser or ZeroWater pitcher. The "recipe of the week" depends on my mood. Unfortunately I change coffees faster than I go through a gallon, so I can't tell you that RPavlis' or a pinch of baking soda or FamousPerson's #3 tastes better to me.

The bottles I bought, as we were and still are in the middle of COVID-19, were https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ID5RXK8/ at just under $40 for 4. "4 Glass Water Bottle, Includes 38 mm Polyseal Cap, 1 gal Capacity (Pack of 4)", made in USA. If I could have gone to a local beermaking supplier, I probably would have been able to pick up just two.