La Marzocco with Flojet. Water filter too much?

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Hi everyone

I'm installing a flojet onto my LM. Water will be mineral water from the 5 gallon bottles we get at grocery store.

Do I need to get a water filtration system install on the line or is it overkill as this is mineral water?


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"Mineral water" could be most anything. Do they supply an analysis of its mineral content?

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Having a very tough time finding Eska info

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There are a number of posts here on bottled water, but the store should be able to provide you information if you can't find it online. You will be relying on the store to keep the system maintained, consistent and clean.

Do you already have the Flojet?

If you do are you happy with the cycle on and off performance?

If you want complete control over your water consider something like this:
Espresso Cart - Goodbye Plumbed In

You can PM me to get more details. A number of people have preferred this setup to Flojet.

If you want to be sure and filter your water, I think if you add an accumulator tank and have it last in line it should work assuming the Flojet can create the needed pressure for the LM. That I don't know. I do know the Aquatecs work great.


Be sure to but in shutoff valves between each for maintenance.

Good luck. Michael
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