Kirkland Signature Water?

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#1: Post by raidensix »

Anyone have any experience using Kirkland Signature Water with their espresso machine?


#2: Post by bzarycranski »

Kirkland Signature Water is evidently rebranded from Niagara water as per Consumer Reports. The water analysis from Niagara is in the link below.

https://article.images.consumerreports. ... _Added.pdf

I will leave the impressions of the report to the experts here as I am learning about waters myself.



#3: Post by Hovi »

I've used this more recently a replacement to my tap water for my cold brew. I noticed a much more consistent taste and maybe more important to me is that any cream/milk mixes better with it.

Probably not feedback that's as useful in a espresso setting though.


#4: Post by bzarycranski »

From reviewing several threads, I get the impression this would be a 'safe' water to use and would probably benefit from adding additional alkalinity like potassium bicarbonate ~ 40 mg/L.

Price per gallon is not bad ~$0.75/gallon.