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Does anyone have a link for a recipe to make the "Jim Schulman FAQ" water?


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Jim Schulman's Insanely Long Water FAQ
This one?

EDIT: Guess it doesn't have a recipe.

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Not even me; since the FAQ does not include a recipe.

I have two very wide recommendations. First, for brewing and espresso if you want to occasionally descale, use a neutral water (125 to 150 TDS, 40-60 alkalinity, 75 to 100 hardness, mg/L units). Second, for espresso if you do not want to descale, dilute the above in half (i.e 60 to 75 TDS etc). Both these presuppose that the mineral content is calcium, magnesium, and carbonates, and nothing else except in trace amounts. In most cases, filtered tap water plus distilled water will do.

This is an old school recommendation. Many of the third wave recipes come out at relatively high TDS with no scaling exposure by using potassium, sodium, nitrates and phosphates, which are non scaling minerals not found in regular water (i.e. rain fall to watershed to river to ocean, or well water). I am not a "natural" buff; but descaling seems less of a big deal than doing these mixes is. So I have no experience or recommendations about them.
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