Is my water in Victoria, BC okay?

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I have a La Spaciale Mini arriving soon so though I'd seek the wisdom of this forum.

I live in Victoria BC where the water hardness is 18 mg/l and the typical chlorine level is 1.45 mg/l. I know the water might not be perfect for producing the best espresso, but will it be safe for the machine in the long term?


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Victoria BC water is one of the softer municipal waters out there, but as long as you use a carbon block or GAC filter to remove chlorine/chloramine you should be fine. (See also Victoria BC tap water safe for espresso machine? )
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Van Isle Water on Dupplin off Burnside have 1um chloramine filters that will work well for you. I've installed them (along with a 0.5-1um sediment filter) on dozens of our commercial accounts throughout Victoria and the Cowichan Valley. While a GAC or CB filter will work well, the municipality uses both chlorine and ammonia in the water system and chloramine will be the greatest issue.

You may want to get into the habit of flushing out your steam boilers every month to minimize potential corrosion issues with our soft water.

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