Is Magnesium the secret ingredient?

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Hi all,

I was just looking at replacing my water filter cartridge and I noticed filters are available that add magnesium to the water for a more luxurious taste in tea and coffee.

See here for example: ... ality.aspx

Has anyone tried a side-by-side comparison of their normal water filter compared with one that adds magnesium? Can you taste the difference? Is it better?


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Per Dr. Robert Pavlis, coffee beans have relatively high amount of magnesium and no positive value adding to the brew water. More here: Argument against magnesium sulphate?
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A lot of the water recipes use Epsom salts to add magnesium, there's been lots of water tastings and articles discussing minerals added to water including magnesium. I sometimes add Epsom salts with the baking soda I add to my brew water, but for ours it's hard to say if it makes much difference.

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The late, great Dr Pavlis was/is a definitive source regarding brewing water. There is also Jim Schulman's extensive and wonderful study found on this web site.
Jim Schulman's Insanely Long Water FAQ
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Thanks, I did a search but didn't find those links. I might give it a go and see if I can taste a difference.

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We found that we enjoyed magnesium as sort of an 'accent mineral' in our taste testing. We have a ton more about water chemistry ... sory-data/ if you'd like a short read.
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Thanks, Evan, for the interesting read.

Do you know of any plans to offer a water chemistry class at the Crown Royal in Oakland in the future?

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