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Our house has an ion exchange water softener. The quality is the water is good by itself, but the softeners bypass does not work. So zero lime/minerals in the water, after the softener. For the best taste the water needs some minerals. What is the best way to add these before it enter my espresso machine?

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BaristaBoy E61

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If you have a faucet in the house that is not feed by the filter, draw some water from there and experiment with mixing.
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coffeeandgolf (original poster)

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I did and to be honest i could not really tell the difference. I read and article that the bypass on a lot of softeners does not really work consistent, since the ratio depends on the water consumption. The softener we use is a salt ion-exchange system with a Fleck controller. I added a picture of the bypass knob. Does anybody have a system like this/ or a solution. Another option would be a remineralisation cartridge.


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I've worked on and installed a lot of fleck 5600 softeners. I've never heard of using the bypass valve to blend water. It's used to isolate the softener from the water mains for service. It's a rather large ball valve (or sometimes two). Also cracking open the ball valve could cause the softener regen process to fail. Generally, those heads are not easily rebuildable, or at least the cost in time and parts to rebuild them is almost what a completely new valve head costs. So best not to mess with it.

Instead, try replacing the Sodium Chloride with Potassium Chloride for better coffee extraction.