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Yes this forum seems to have a much higher standard of trustworthy knowledge than other places.
case of 5 years using steam distilled water with an ill defined amount of dietary supplement minerals added, not simple RO
Yeah he used these drops:

I don't know if "chlorides" mean the same as what you warned me about, but I mentioned it to him on that thread. He was adding 30 drops per gallon and the 650Mg is per 40 drops.

Thanks for the answer, I am currently looking for a RO sytem for my own setup, just need to find out is they can be unplugged in between uses or if I need to have it connected all the time. But takes time when I am out of my depth knowledge wise.

Anyways thanks for answering, I don't want to give bad advice : )

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The caution around "too pure" water is typically around two things. The first is that auto-fill sensors often need a bit of conductivity. The second is that very pure water can be a bit corrosive. Add a tiny bit of buffer (RPavlis' water, a bit of baking soda, or most any reputable recipe) and neither should be a serious source of worry.