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I apologize in advance. I'm so new to this.

My water guy warned me of this. My head is on a tail spin. "Don't research" He knows of the SCA spec water for proper extraction. Trying to get into acceptable range.

His recommendation since I have a water softnener and RO unit was to add 2 mineral filters (Waterite Mineral Filter - AIC-10M). He said it may not come close to SCA spec water or even acceptable range but at least it will be a little safer on your equipment.

My RO unit has 2 carbon and 1 sediment filter. Now 2 mineral filters.

The 2 mineral filters are installed between tank and RO.

Each mineral filter add:

SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) 60-65%
Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide) 12-17.5%
Fe2O3 (Ferric Oxide) 4.2-4.8% FeO (Ferrous Oxide) 0-1.3%
CaO (Calcium Oxide) 3.8-6.1%
MgO (Magnesium Oxide) 3.2-4.3%
Na2O (Sodium Oxide) 4.1-4.4%
K2O (Potassium Oxide) 0.2-1.3%
MnO (Manganese(II) Oxide) 0.07-0.08%
TiO (Titanium(II) Oxide) 0.21-0.49%
P2O5 (Phosphorus Pentoxide) 0.06-

Now I flushed my system several times to allow the water to remineralize properly. My BWT test kit, GH & KH still read 0?

Gh 1 drop is green. It doesn't start red
Kh 1 drop is red. It doesn't start blue.

I bypassed my RO unit and tested softened water and my KH test took 4 drops to change from blue to red.

Where do I go from there?

I found this link on how to treat my softened RO water.
It's great that it provides recipes but how much of these concentrates I use to get sca spec water?

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You might have a look here Easiest way to make rpavlis water? If yoou want to delve deeply into this, search Plavis water, here on H-B. If your machine is plumbed in, then I guess you're stuck with remin cartridges. But if you fill your reservoir, then you don't need them, and you can make your water to any "strength" you like.
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Your water guy is correct in thinking you won't get to SCA specs with a remin cartridge, but in my opinion that silly waterite filter is not what you want. Most of that stuff fortunately does not dissolve enough to make any difference (you don't want things like iron and silica in your water.)

Go with a standard tried and true calcite filter. It won't add much mineral but will add a predictable amount of the calcium carbonate that you want, giving you a consistent bump in both hardness and alkalinity. A good choice for that would be something like the Omnipure K2548. If for some reason you wanted more mineral you can go with a calcite + corosex filter like the Omnipure K2551. Corosex is just a magnesium oxide bead that dissolves to magnesium carbonate in the water, and increases the pH in the process. It's more likely to overcorrect after idle periods (as discussed here: Dealing with Excessive Water Hardness Produced During Remineralization Under Intermittent Use .)

One nice thing about simple calcite and calcite/corosex filters is that you can estimate the hardness and alkalinity bump from them using an inexpensive TDS conductivity meter. If you measure 10 ppm before the remin, and 50 ppm after the remin, then you know that you are getting about 40 ppm as CaCO3 of hardness and 40 ppm as CaCO3 of alkalinity out of the filter.

P.S. When using a GH & KH drop kit to evaluate a remin filter that doesn't add much you probably need to use a higher precision kit like the Hach 71-A, or just try a stretched sample (instead of a 5 ml sample where 1 drop corresponds to 17.8 mg/l, use a 10 ml sample so that 1 drop corresponds to 8.9 mg/L.)
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Sachimo (original poster)
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Thank you for the info.. much appreciated..

I need to learn this Proditec pro 500 unit.
Maybe for now is to follow rpavlis instructions the get basic spec sca water.

Can I not use my RO water to make rpavlis recipe?

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Sachimo wrote:Can I not use my RO water to make rpavlis recipe?
Yes you can.
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Sachimo (original poster)
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Should I be concerned about using RPAVLIS water?
Scaling? Any negatives?

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A lot of us use RO water to make a gallon or 5 of espresso water at a time thanks to Pat's direction. I think this website's instructions are nice:
https://www.baristahustle.com/blog/diy- ... o-bottles/

Which exact recipe you should use? Obviously there is no agreement and some of it depends on your desired outcomes. But a nice thing is you can try it and tweak it later depending on your results.

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Dr. Pavlis' recipe is super simple. Add 0.1 Gram sodium-bicarb or potassium-bicarb per liter of RO water. No scaling, slightly basic pH. No need to worry. Cheers. --Deuxinfuso