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or, get a vintage espresso machine that needs all the attention it can get and put it on the Island I think I see in the picture?

You may need more clearance for a grinder anyway...
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Just a thought for you,

Use a round stainless steel garbage can that a 5 gallon jug fits inside and set it next to your counter.

Depending on the height of the can you may be able to put the pump inside of it. The base could be removed and just slide the can down over the carboy or use a piece of 1" webbing underneath the carboy and use it to pull it up out of the can. Plumbing could come out the top or back and could use either stainless braided line or some kind of pex.

If it is not high enough, I have seen 2.5 gallon carboys and that would definitely give you enough room for a pump inside. You would have to still store a 5 gallon jug, but not it the kitchen, and refill the smaller one.
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