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Hello everyone,

Pretty new to the world of water specifics but after running some I decided to get some Crystal Geyser water after hearing it's one of the best filtered waters and a few packs of third wave water. I was expecting the third wave water to lower the TDS but to my surprise is increased it by roughly ~120.

The 1 gallons of geyser water themselves measure roughly 208 TDS but when I added 1 pack of the espresso profile third wave water to it, it shows 333. Thinking I was mistaken or something was wrong and for testing I added another third water wave pack to see what it would do and it did in fact bring it up another ~120 TDS to around 460.

I'm new to all this so this may be working as expected but I believe alright TDS per La Marzocco is 80-150? What am I doing wrong here? My tap water itself is measuring 189 without any filters. Also I'm using the third wave water TDS meter.

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I believe 3rd wave packets are to be added to distilled or RO water.


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Yes, that is what the directions state. One packet to one gallon of distilled water.


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I can't imagine that adding solids, that then dissolve in the water, can possibly decrease TDS...unless what is added causes something to precipitate out.

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Well that makes sense now. I completely had this incorrect and thought it was to be used on any sort of water. Sorry for the incorrect expectation but I've tried it now on distilled and TDS reads ~140.