Filter system recommendation for Edmonton Alberta water

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Good morning everyone.

I can't count how many hours I've been on this forum in the last 3 weeks but I finally decided to make up a login and get in the action. I got a Breville Oracle Touch (BES990BSS1BUS1) for Christmas and I want to get the most of out it that I can. We have had a Keurig for too many years; I have always wanted to get into the home espresso game and it finally happened. We are ditching our Keurig for counter space and as it is my wife's hot water dispenser for tea. (she is anti coffee, who knows why) Her tea cup will not fit under the water dispenser of the Breville machine so we are getting an on demand sink hot water dispenser. It was part of the agreement for me getting a machine.

I want to put an inline filter before the the hot water dispenser (which can also dispense cold) to prevent scale build up in the heater (And give me the best coffee water I can get). With all the forum info I think a BWT Bestprotect or Bestmax Premium would work but wanted a second opinion on the matter for the water in my city. It if a BWT system us used what step number would I put the dial on.

Anyways here is my water as reported by my city, not my residential tap:

Thanks for any help you can give me

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That's pretty nice tapwater. It's hard enough that some form of softening would be prudent, and the low chloride ion and 100+ mg/L alkalinity would make a decarbonizer like the BWT bestmax a reasonable choice.

The water report indicates a GH of about 180 mg/L as CaCO3 and a KH of about 130 mg/L as CaCO3. In German degrees, which the BWT instructions use, that would be about 10 °dH and 7°dKH. (BWT Bestmax manuals are inconsistent about whether to set the bypass according to total vs carbonate hardness.) Using the current manual for the BWT Bestmax you would set the bypass at 3 for 7°dKH. The Bestmax Premium manual advises to set it at 3 for 10 °dH water. If it were me, I would go with the less expensive BWT Bestmax and not the Premium. The premium should leave your water with a little more magnesium than would the standard Bestmax. Some people (not me) believe that's desirable.
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Thank you for all the information Homeburrero regarding my water. All my wife has to do now if decide what style of faucet she wants and I'm off to clean coffee water.