Experience with lower than normal Kh and Gh targets for pour-over water.

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A light roaster, with whom I have a subscription told me their current target water is 15ppm Kh and 25ppm magnesium Gh and 25ppm calcium Gh.

I targeted that today when I prepared a gallon of water, although the total 50 Gh all from magnesium. At first this seemed pretty low, but when I use Third Wave Water I almost always cut it at least 50% and sometimes with only 25% to 33% TWW (I would have a gallon of TWW made as directed and cut it with undoctored distilled water measured in kettle for that morning's brew.) 33%TWW and 67% distilled would be right around 15 Kh and 50 Gh and 25% TWW would be even lower. So 15 Kh and 50 Gh is not extremely low I guess. I will try it tomorrow.

My goal is to have water with a profile near the roaster's water (I do not think I like the taste calcium produces in coffee is why I used only magnesium to hit the total Gh though) and also I like brighter coffee and I assume this will bring out brightness.

Anyone do water this low, thoughts on it overall?

Acavia (original poster)

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I have used water targeted at 15Kh 50Gh with the Gh all magnesium sourced. It is very good to my taste - makes bright tart sweet coffee so far. I am using a Sey coffee in a Kalita Wave, and this targetted profile is what Sey stated they use although Sey targets 25 Gh from magnesium and 25Gh from calcium.

I like it.