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Hi all, as i live in Europe (Austria) distilled water is really hard to come by and extremely expensive. That's why I have gone down the route of buying bottled water instead. I have found these waters that seem soft or really soft. Do I need to add any minerals to them or can I use them as is for espresso? Understanding of course that for pour overs I can experiment to find what I think tastes better.

I could also go the route of using zero water and then adding lotus mineral drops if this is something that would be considered better?

Thanks for any help on this matter :)

Chloride: 15
Hco3: 74
Magnesium: 8
Sodium: 12
Potassium: 6
Sulfate: 9
Ph: 7

Calcium: 31
Chloride: 11.7
Hco3: 81.7
Magnesium: 1.45
Sodium: 16.3
Potassium: 2.5
Sulfate: 33

Calcium: 1.7
Chloride: 0.44
Hco3: 5.20
Magnesium: 0.44
Sodium: 0.88
Potassium: 0.22
Sulfate: 2.1

Calcium: 2.1
Chloride: 3.3
Hco3: 15
Magnesium: 2
Sodium: 2.5
Potassium: 0.5
Sulfate: 1.1

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I use Volvic for my LM Micra, as it is recommended by LM for use and many people here in Germany use it too. Taste is good and no additional supplement needed.