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Bumping an old thread. This intrigues me, but I know nothing about reverse osmosis. Currently, I'm using a flojet on a 5 gallon bottle of spring water from the store. My water is hard, so to use my tap water would require filtering. My gear is also on a cart. But my flojet is five years old and seems ready to fail. It's also so loud I can't fill the boiler if anyone is sleeping the house. I'd like to switch to filtering my own tap water instead of hauling it in from the store and get a quiet pump.
Is there another link with instructions?

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FWIW, I had been using distilled water with Dr. Pavlis' water recipe but after installing an RO system I just use it for the same water recipe (instead of hauling 5-gallon carboys to/from the self serve distilled water dispensary. If there's a difference, I can't taste it.

FWIW 2, I'm using an Aquatec pump, Shurflo SS 2-gallon accumulator, pressure regulator, etc.).
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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:Here is what the set up looks like. Note the wide mouth on the tank makes filling easy. Note that the waste tank has a handle (not shown) which makes it easy to carry out to the garden and dump. Also not shown is the pressure gauge.

Hope this helps.

I'll definitely be following this thread. I've been consider an Aquatec or Shurflo for my drive pump, including one for a pitcher rinser.