Efficient water filtering for a cafe? Everpure vs BWT?

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at home i use bottled water like: San Benedetto / Evian / VOSS
for home it's great & consistent

but i want to replicate this for a small specialty cafe,
there i can't use bottled water,it's not scalable , takes a lot of place/weight , cost 20x more then tap water/litre,

the cafe has tap water , which is probably hard water , and not so clean , maybe 300-500 tds,
and i want to get to 70-150 tds , with good alkalinity and taste/smell , and still very clean and pure water, consistently,
compared to most , so it will be like it's VOSS water on demand , out of the regular tap water...
the capacity i need would be 2000-3000 liter/year , at least

there are few ways i thought doing these , maybe you have experience with those,
and which will be most efficient/great VFM /great taste:
so tell me which is best:

1) 2*royal berkey filter (4 black filters) as pre-filter -> 4* 12/30cup zerowater [similar result to RO] -> re-minerilize with third wave water - espresso profile


2) Pentair Everpure H-300-NXT filter [same as home filter, as i don't need too large capacity,
probably 15-30 double-espresso/hour*9hours/day at a good day]


3) Pentair Everpure claris ultra 250-s filter


4) Pentair Everpure mc2 filter


5) Pentair Everpure conserve he-3 reverse osmosis -> remineralizator


6) BWT bestmax filter


7) 5*Mitte water - home plus , water distillation -> alkaline minerals[blue]

what do you recommend?
which setup will give the purest & tastiest result? , that most similar/better taste like the bottled water above

thanks :)

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igalk474 wrote:what do you recommend?
I see no way to recommend anything without knowing a lot more about your tap water. At a minimum you need to know both hardness and alkalinity in order to decide if you need to soften the water and what type of softener might be best. You also need to know the chloride ion concentration to see if you might need RO and whether a blended RO or remineralized RO would be advisable.

If you're in Isreal, it's fairly likely that you have water that needs softening and also has high chloride, perhaps higher chloride ion ppm than your alkalinity measure. (I'm basing that on Table 4 data in this article.) If that's the case you'll probably want an RO unit with a remineralization cartridge. The Pentair HE3 in your list is an RO that may work, but it may need a pre-oftener and a remin cartridge added on. Find out what you can about your tap water, and see what you can learn from other cafes in your area and from local water treatment providers.

igalk474 wrote:... and i want to get to 70-150 tds , with good alkalinity and taste/smell ...
Shooting for a particular TDS number is not an advisable approach here. They used to recommend that in the old SCAA guidance, but it was an oversimplification that could in some cases get you into trouble. The latest SCA guidance no longer recommends a TDS range.
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