ECM Synchronika water pre-filter issues

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I've been using my Synchronika for over 1 year now with no issues. It is plumbed. I have used Homeland Espresso HCWS filter as recommended by Clive Coffee. I have used this filter for the life of the machine and recently, within the past 2 mos, made a change to the 3rd filter. The filter was flushed well as per the manufacturers recommendations. My machine began making pump noises, as if the pump was straining to pull water through. After checking use with the tank water source I discovered that the issue was not in the machine. Basically, the mesh screen filter in the water inlet connection is getting clogged. It's a somewhat clear, gummy substance that is removed with hot water and Cafiza. I have removed and cleaned it 3 times now and the same issue pops up. I'm assuming it is residue from the HCWS filter. Has anyone else experienced this issue from the Homeland or other softening filters. Since I have not had the issue before I am wondering if this filter is just bad.


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Make sure to flush the cartridge for as many liters as suggested... I don't know Homeland filters but for BWT Bestprotects it's 5 liters for the medium and 7 liters for the large... In shipping they get shaken up, you can actually see a bit of cloudiness in the flush water.

If you did flush it adequately and the cartridge is still clogging up your mesh, it's possible the cartridge was damaged or frozen before installation and it may be no good.

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Thanks, I did flush the filter for longer/more than recommended so your latter idea is the more likely issue. Thanks for the response!