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Thanks for the great tips and discussion, all. I've been using BH recipes for over a year. I like the results but two bottles in the fridge at all times is a bit tedious. I will now simplify my approach.

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We recently got a post from sweaner in another thread: Surprised and Troubled by Water...

He simply buys potassium supplement gel capsules that have 800 mg of pure potassium bicarbonate in each capsule.
I just found this product, 800 mg in capsules, so 1 capsule in 2 gallons, DONE!

https://smile.amazon.com/Bicarbonate-Ea ... 628&sr=8-9
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Wow that's easy. Thanks Pat for posting here. I normally use 2gal jugs for filling up at my water supplier. Using 1 capsule per jug could not be simpler.