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bettysnephew wrote:If I made a mix with Sodium Bicarb vs. the Potassium bicarb I have been using, would there be any possibility of corrosion damage to my boiler?
No, neither of those bicarbonates is at all corrosive. Potassium has the theoretical advantage that it's a mineral that coffee itself is loaded with, so you aren't adding anything that isn't already there in abundance.

Strifer wrote:Assuming the rpavlis water recipe is purposed for espresso, is there an alternative recipe to maximize both brew and espresso?
You can use it for both. At full strength the alkalinity is about 50 mg/L, which isn't that high. You can try half or less strength rpavlis for brewed coffee if you think that might be an issue. (Some argue that high alkalinity can neutralize the acidity of brewed coffee, making it taste dull. Typical advice is to keep it below 100 mg/L. )
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Thanks Pat, I thought that to be true but wanted confirmation. Mostly just curious regarding possible taste differences as I am sensitive to certan tastes. Don't like the flavor of small quantities of Epsom salts for some reason.
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