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Sorry if this is a bit off topic - not sure where else to ask - googling is met with fierce marketing!

I live in Fort Worth (North Richland Hills) - water quality is I guess average. I'm looking for an undersink drinking water filter that includes the neat little filler spout to mount into my sink. I see lots of standard carbon filter options, some with black carbon, some with coconut hulls as the filter media. I've also read some about ceramic filters as being a bit more than carbon, and carbon+ceramic.

I imagine that because I'm on decent city water that I don't need to worry about sediment filters?

What is a recommended system, decent quality, and something that will have replacement filters readily available? I just would like cleaner better tasting water to drink. Don't really want to go down the RO route or whole-house + softening systems at this point.

Thanks for any thoughts...
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